Away With You | Luna Blue | Dir. Cameron Perry | Prod Co. Adhocracy


Through a celebration of independent cinema, we seek to utilise film as a tool for change, with vital profile raising and charity donations, at the heart of what we do.


At Visability Film Festival we are conscious of gender inequality within film. We believe film festivals have a responsibility to address this disparity. Therefore, inspired by the 5050X2020 film festival movement we promise to maintain a gender-balanced final selection. At the festival, we will have at least as many films by female identifying filmmakers as male.  ​


Launched in 2020 and with big aims for the future, Visability Film Festival aim to curate a film programme that is invigorating to seasoned cinephiles and Sunday sofa streamers alike. With previous film festival experience behind us, as well as charity roles and fundraising expertise, we believe we are well placed to deliver a top tier festival, driven towards true social change.




Sam has worked in social care for 7 years, supporting individuals with a wide range of complex needs to achieve personal independence. Having studied English & Film at the University of East Anglia, he has since assisted behind the scenes with some of the country’s most reputable film festivals, including the UK Film Festival, Norwich Film Festival, and Short Focus Film Festival. As an arts journalist you can find his work in the Guardian, whilst as a critic you can debate his views and credentials at FrameLight. With a background in script development, having spent time with Illustrious Media and Industrial Scripts, he is driven to unearthing pieces that are truly original. 



Joey is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology with a focus on social justice and inclusivity. He understands the importance of visibility in promoting an inclusive and informed society and thinks film is the perfect vessel for it. Joey has lived in Leiden, The Netherlands for the past 6 years but has recently returned to his beloved England. Although his biggest previous involvement in film festivals was DJing the closing party at the Leiden International Short Film Festival, he couldn't turn down the chance to co-create a festival himself. 


Our dedicated and diverse viewing panel features film academics, award winning animation directors, videographers, actors, set designers and film critics, all of whom are dedicated to helping create a film programme of unparalleled quality that remains true to the festivals core beliefs and values.

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