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Adèle Vincenti-Crasson - 'Grab' Director Q&A

Read on for French director, Adèle Vincenti-Crasson's expert take on our Side A: Tooth short, Grab.

VFF: The final moments where Noa barges past her rival, leaves us with an uplifting image of defiance, how important was this as an image and theme in the piece?

AVC: At the end, a new Noa is born: she won’t be a sufferer anymore and she won't resist in front of her rival. I wanted to erase the old Noa and to show a new image of her: a powerful Noa.

VFF: There are some really visceral and nauseating moments, (one shower sequence in particular springs to mind), is this a common theme in your approach to film and storytelling?

AVC: When I write a film, I often have already images of it in my head. And I have lots of visceral thoughts! So, these moments take an important part of the script and I try to keep them during the shooting even if we have to imagine it in another way with the crew and the actresses.

VFF: Did your background as an animator influence the story you were writing from the beginning? Or was it a happy way to creatively solve a problem?

AVC: The script comes from my desire for these animation sequences. It was a challenge for me to match animation to live action. I rather wondered which animation technique would be the best. And it was stop motion! It’s a very visceral process like the film.

VFF: What future work do you have on the horizon? And how has making Grab influenced your upcoming career choices?

AVC: Grab explores topics that I love and that I still want to talk about: sexism, peer pressure, feminism, sorority, etc.

I’m writing a short film about sexist traditions and female emancipation and a feature film about periods and male gaze.

And soon, I will shoot a short film about the drag king community.

Adèle Vincenti-Crasson - Director

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