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Hazhir As'adi - 'The Rotation' Director Q&A

Visability Film Festival caught up with the Iranian animator and director Hazhir As'adi to talk about his memorable new animation The Rotation (Xulanewe).

VFF: The Rotation is entirely dialogue-less. What are some of the benefits, and challenges, of such an approach when it comes to animated storytelling?

HA: As far as the image and sound of a story are concerned, I am not looking for dialogue and for the film to be full of words. I believe that the power of image and sound together is much greater than dialogue. Our world is saturated with dialogue.

VFF: Your previous animated film, Blows with the Wind, also achieved great success on the festival circuit. What did your experiences with that film teach you for your work with The Rotation?

HA: I had no animation education and to begin with I was afraid that the film would not be what I wanted it to be. But in the end, I find "Blows with the Wind" acceptable as my first work, and this was the feedback I got from the festivals.

VFF: There are times in your film where we see humanity at its most meddling and destructive, does this reflect your own outlook on the future of our planet and our race?

HA: I think this is not my belief, this is a process that history has shown us. Human beings are stuck in a vicious cycle.

VFF: There’s a beautiful hand-drawn style to your 2-D animation, is this the medium you see yourself staying in for now, or is 3-D work calling to you?

HA: I believe it is the story that determines the nature of the work and the technique. For this reason, if I have a script that the 3D technique helps to better understand its story, I will definitely make a 3D.

Hazhir As'adi - Director.

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