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Karina Hananeia - 'The Dance in the Depth' Director Q&A

Experimental films are an incredibly important part of what we try to achieve with VFF. The Dance in the Depth was this year's winner for our 'Best Experimental' film award and we couldn't be happier to have been able to show it off to people. Read on to hear what director, Karina Hananeia, had to say about her delightful short.

VFF: What made you choose a Raven & a Whale as animals?
KH: I chose a Raven and a Whale as animals because they are part of an amazing Inuit legend, that my film is based on. Of course I did research about those animals before I started: their character, way of life, how they contact each other ect. I feel like I have something from both of them in my spirit. That is the reason why I can not blame the Raven or the Whale's soul for their passion. I understand them fully.

VFF: Can you give our viewers an insight into your camera / animation set-up for 2-D animations?

KH: I have attached a picture of my animation set. I think it is a good insight to 2-D animation in my case - a few layers, light box and lighting.

VFF: There seemed to be some really lovely parallels between The Dance in the Depth and The Hedgehog in the Fog. Was Yuri Norstein an influence? If not, who are your other animation influences?

KH: Yuri Norshtein influenced me a lot! His work with layers: physical and philosophical is amazing. I have many things to learn from him still :)
The second animator and director that I appreciate is Jan Švankmajer. For me he is a guide for work with materials. It is super important, because all my work starts from material that inspires me (wood, stones, old wall textures ect.)

I will add two more names: Fyodor Khitruk and Hayao Miyazaki. Great storytellers, I can watch their movies again and again. They use very different visual language to create another reality, and each time I feel magic happening in front of my eyes.

The Dance in the Depth screened at Close-Up Cinema, Saturday 19 February, as part of Visability Film Festival
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