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Kristina Steinbock - 'Divine Decadence, Darling' Director Q&A

Visability Film Festival were absolutely thrilled to give this film its UK premiere, and felt like it was the natural fit to close our short film programmes. Below is director, Kristina Steinbock's take.

VFF: 'DDD' feels like the perfect piece of Lockdown viewing, in as far as it transports viewers out of their homes, and into a Cabaret venue. To what extent did COVID interfere with your creative processes?

KS: We shot everything just before the first lockdown, so that was really lucky. The process afterwards was one to one editing, colour grading and making music etc. But due to Denmark's second lockdown the film was only on show for 7 days which was such a shame for the audience and for me, review wise etc.

VFF: Your cabaret style reminds viewers of a bygone era. Why was it important for you to commit to this era, even whilst your performer’s messages and stories feel so politically current?

KS: Im in general interested in breaking down boundaries between fact and poetry. In this work my focus was the notion of old freakshows and early 20th century cabaret scenes, in the era when stage performances hinted a critical, political agenda and pushed for sexual liberation.

I want to invite the audience through a cinematic experience, something tactile and sensuous which gets beneath the skin and reverberates in the body, beyond differences.

VFF: “Did you stare? Did you Judge?” How important to your vision was it to invite this level of introspection onto viewers?

KS: I know that many disabled people live with microcosmic assaults and judgements every day, because of the lack of dialogue and inclusion - asking questions with a touch of humour and sarcasm became a part of my agenda.

My text material is always a mixture of original text material (in this case Cabaret) and collected testimonies from people living with disabilities. I want the viewer/audience to experience my cast’s identity and bodies as erotic and powerful. Nina, for instance, who perform with piano and singing, wrote the song based on her experience with blindness and sexuality. She has been my muse for many years now.

VFF: We’re really proud and excited to give 'Divine Decadence, Darling' its UK premiere, but if it were to be performed live, where would your dream venue & city be?

KS: Somewhere in between BFI, London and MOMA New York.

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