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Visability Film Club - November: Documentary

Welcome back to the the 2nd edition of the Visability Film Club, an absolute must for seasoned cinephiles and Sunday sofa streamers alike.

Each month we'll be bringing you viewing recommendations, interviews, behind the scenes featurettes, and further reading, revolving around a different genre.

There'll be recurring subsections, such as our 'Main Event' (the one you simply must see), 'The Hug' (for those who may need a light-heart introduction to a new genre) 'The Challenger' (not for the feint hearted - for those seeking something off the beaten track), and 'Short n Sweet' (short films). We'll also strive to make sure that the films are available to watch without too much fuss someplace on the internet - hopefully some of them even for free.

So without further ado, here goes....

'The Main Event' - Tickled (2016)

David Farrier’s stranger-than-fiction account of the world of competitive endurance tickling, crowned him as King of the wacky and wonderful, well before he shot to stardom with his Netflix Dark Tourist series. New Zealand’s answer to Louis Theroux, Farrier comes with a knack for sniffing out the truly bizarre. If you’re looking for a story to really hook you this week, then Tickled, is a great place to start.

Be warned: tickling is no laughing matter.

Lovingly chosen for you by new VFF recruit, Connor Daniels. Hobbies unknown....

Currently available on Amazon Prime

Further Material:
  • Guardian Review:


  • Interview with director, David Farrier


'The Challenger' - Baraka (1992)

Ron Fricke, Ron Fricke, Ron Fricke

For many, even hearing the name, Ron Fricke, is enough to send their bodies into passionate fits of convulsion. His 1992 film, Baraka, is another in a long list of innovative, non-verbal film offerings, from the undisputed master of filmic meditation. Here, lovingly captured landscapes become central characters, a linear narrative story arc replaced by overarching themes and motifs, which the viewer is left to piece together along the way. Ultimately, Baraka is less of a traditional cinema viewing, more of a religious experience. Underpinned by an otherworldly score, the film journeys across 24 different countries, documenting some of the most astounding footage of nature and man ever witnessed.

The result? Magisterial filmmaking. Merci monsieur Ron.

Currently available on Youtube:

Baraka 1992 (HD) by Ron Fricke

Further Material

'The Hug' - Crip Camp (2020)

Crip Camp is another essential offering from everybody's favourite Super-Producers, the Obamas. ‘Camp Jened’ changed the lives of the people with disabilities who attended and the disability rights movement that followed them, changed the lives of hundreds of thousands still to come. Crip Camp is a film to restore your faith in the power of protest and the potential for change. This is far from traditional Netlix content, fitting, for a far from traditional camp.

Currently available on Netflix

Further Material

'VFF Alumni' - NOISE (2018)

Dan Stockmann's NOISE played at Visability Film Festival in February 2021 and was a huge hit with audiences. The film invites you into the hitherto unseen (by most of us) world of Indonesian Punk, chronicling its politicised roots and its artistic methods. In the Indoensian Punk subgenre, 'Noise', anything goes. Witnessing the bizarre array of objects and sound effects that are called upon to create its soundscapes is a real joy to behold. So if you're after something new to spice up your viewing, this could be the short documentary for you.

Currently available on Boileroom.tv

(Its free but you'll need to set up an account)


Further Material
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