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Still A Slave  |  Dir. Nathan Geering

This year Visability Film Festival were proud to partner with accessible dance organisation, Rationale Arts, as one of our Official Sponsors for 2021.

Masterminded by Rationale Arts founder, Nathan Geering, was the short film 'Still A Slave' (viewable below), which was this year awarded our VFF 'Achievement in Accessibility' award, and developed by The Rationale Method.


The film's innovative new approach to Audio Description, known as the 'Rationale Method', utilises emotive poetry and sound effects, enhancing accessibility to both visually impaired and sighted audiences, creating an end product that is dynamic and entertaining.

The film is a fantastic example of some of the principles that will be explored when Nathan runs our 'Enhancing Creativity Through Accessibility' workshop, available to all our submitters and festival attendees on Sunday 28th March at 2pm.