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Join Visability Film Festival for ‘The Adaptation Game’ -  an evening of transmedia storytelling, in association with Yellow Hat productions, as part of Chewfest 2022 at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre, Tuesday 24 May 7pm.


This experimental evening marks a new chapter for Visability, one where we’ll be breathing new life into some of our favourite films of the past two years by adapting them for the stage!


During the evening we’ll be adapting London Short Film Festival short, Bulldog, our 2021 ‘Best Experimental Film’ award winner, Glaucon, and Norwich Film Festival 2021’s best student film winner, To The Dusty Sea, utilising mask work, comedy, and adaptation theory to extend their stories and worlds beyond the screen. 


As usual we’ll be shining a light on some vital topics, continuing our commitment to using film (and theatre) as a tool for positive societal change. So strap in for an innovative, one of a kind evening.

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Bulldog (film) - After spending the night in a cell, a rough sleeper has a score to settle - Using the harsh realities of homelessness in the UK to challenge our expectations of rough sleepers.

Bulldog (play) - Set after the events of the Bulldog film, Property Investor Louise looks for a rough sleeper she can pay to carry out an unsavoury act. 
To The Dusty Sea (film) - Amidst the fallout of complex family trauma, young siblings Malo & Zoe try desperately to catch their Mother’s eye.

To The Dusty Sea (play) - Now all grown up, Zoe & Malo continue their strained sibling relationship as they await a visit from their distant Mother.
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Glaucon (film) - An expressionist re-imagining of Plato’s The Republic. 

Glaucon (play) - A live physical theatre performance utilising mask work to build on the themes explored in the film.