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At Visability Film Festival, we understand the financial strain that an ambitious distribution plan can place on short filmmakers. That is why we’re introducing the 'VFF Short Film Fund' to make sure that some of the money we raise each year is reinvested back into upcoming short films. As filmmakers ourselves, we know through experience how difficult it can be to acquire funding from some of the UK’s larger bodies, and hope that our smaller scale funding can help to bridge the gap.


As a brand new initiative, this year 40% of festival profits will be channeled into our film fund. In order to be considered, all filmmakers have to do is submit a film to our festival. Simple. Our judges will then select a longlist of filmmakers who we believe have the kind of creative voices that need to be heard, and directly request for them to apply to our fund. Our chosen filmmakers won’t necessarily have to have been featured as part of our Official Selection, as long as we are able to see something in their work that gets us excited to see more. 


Depending on the applications we receive, VFF may choose to help fund one upcoming production or several, with the final financial contribution dependent on how much money is made throughout the year.

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